Professional Pictures: Capture Your SPARK for Online Dating!

Professional Pictures can really help when making the leap into online dating because it can be a scary and overwhelming experience at first, especially when trying to choose a photo! So why not get professional

A casual and fun shot!

A casual and fun shot!

pictures of yourself? More and more people are finding true love online. And 30-percent of couples meet online these days! If you really want to meet the love of your life and are trying out online dating, it’s worth investing in professional pictures of yourself, and we here at Kelly Weaver Photography specialize in capturing your SPARK!

A lot of times, people new to online dating will look at older pics of themselves and crop a picture of their head from a group photo. Almost always, you can tell when a photo is cropped, and it can look a little awkward. Even if you don’t have to crop a pic of yourself, definitely don’t choose an OLD photo of yourself. You want to be authentic, right? So it’s best to use very recent photos. Why not make your online dating a real EXPERIENCE and make sure to capture flattering professional pictures of yourself?

professional pictures

A very cute introduction!

And guess what? A headshot can be so much more than simply a waist-up shot. Your future dream love will want to see the whole you, not just one photo of you. We offer VARIETY with our five-pose package so that you can capture all of your personality with several types of poses. We can even capture professional pictures of your passions and hobbies. And we can do inside or outside photos. Take a look at Karla’s photos. Among the professional pictures we took of her, we included a professional shot, a casual shot, and a shot illustrating her passion for biking! What’s NOT to love about seeing these sides of her and getting a look into her personality? With our five-pose package, you’re able to have a few different outfits and landscapes to choose from.

professional pictures

A professional, warm shot.

It’s also a great idea to have multiple professional pictures because you can swap out your main profile picture from time to time to keep your profile fresh and relevant. And having new professional pictures displayed will encourage activity to your profile!

To add a little humor to your day, check out my friend Justin’s video over at The Studio Firm. “Baby Boss” warns about avoiding the catfish, AKA fake online dating profiles. Be safe out there, folks, and have fun with online dating!

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