Portrait & Product Prices

Portrait Print Prices:

Potrait size Prices Ready-to-Hang
8 wallets $25 $
4×6 $65 $
5×7 $75 $
8×10 $150 $200
11×14 $200 $300
16×20 $350 $500
*most popular sizes listed, larger sizes available
What makes our prints different? ALL our prints have complimentary facial retouch.

We also INCLUDE mounting on 8×10’s and larger. Our “Ready to Hang” option includes either a beautiful pro, custom frame or our “gallery mount” (wooden backing with keyhole and slider for hanging).

Print credit is for prints only (left) and may not be used for products.

Pictures are purged after 90 days from photo date.

Special Products (we’ll show you MORE at your order session!)


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