Corporate Headshots

An alternative to the “group shot”… the “team” collage! Attrition is no longer an issue. We simply swap out the images as necessary.

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Corporate Headshots (multiple employee session(s) 6+) Pricing:

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  • Average of  6-10 people per hour depending on if natural light or studio background is used
  • Done at YOUR location OR send your employees to our downtown Littleton location in groups & we’ll work with their schedules!
  • If groupings are needed, no problem! We make that work during your photo time
  • If we come to your location, choose an indoor lobby/other interior setting (to showcase your company’s personality), or let us do street shots for a contemporary look, OR choose our 5 light studio/backdrop setup
  • Minimum of two proof poses to choose from for each staff member, each staff member may pick their favorite!
  • One final facially retouched digital file presented to you in electronic format (sized to 1200×1800 pixels)

Your SESSION OPTIONS… choose between natural light or studio setup!

1. Natural light

Our natural light option is perfect for companies who want to not only show off the personality of their employees, but also give clients a sense of what it is like to be IN or just OUTSIDE your office and what your corporate culture is like. A great option for companies who want to give the feeling of engaging, warm and approachable.

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Conference rooms or lobby areas offer your clients a hint of what it’s like to meet with you

Capture a more contemporary feeling by allowing us to photograph just outside your office

Capture a more contemporary feeling by allowing us to photograph just outside your office


2. Studio setup

Our studio setup option is perfect for companies who want to promote a very up-scale, executive feeling.  A great option for companies who want to give the sense of professional, high-end and top quality.

Headshots, Denver, Professional

Denver, headshots, pictures, photographer, photography, Littleton

We can create a CUSTOM background JUST for you using our “background extraction” process!

 Not only do we help create images that make SENSE for your branding, we show your staff several of the images AS we are photographing them! We believe that when employees see what WE are seeing, they are more engaged in helping to insure we capture who they are and get it right. Sometimes just a slight tweak of body posture or expression is all they need to see to capture the perfect image. The result? MUCH happier employees because we make sure we’ve “got it” or we stay until we do! The process also essentially ELIMINATES the need for re-takes.

Denver, headshots, photography, pictures, photographer

We use either a LARGE LCD camera display or a monitor to SHOW your employees what WE are seeing as we shoot… the result is much HAPPIER employees and virtually NO re-takes!

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