Senior Picture Ideas: Capture Your Senior’s Creativity

Senior Picture Ideas

Is your senior a "creative" or a "right-brainer?" At Kelly Weaver Photography, we believe that each person is unique, and it's especially important that your senior's personality really shine in their senior photos. It is even more important to make your senior's photo session creative if they, too, are creative! We love capturing the essence of our senior clients, so we collaborate with them on producing creative sessions. Our sessions have included musicians, artists, students with new tattoos, dancers, and more. Here are some senior picture ideas that will help you...

Senior Pictures: Your Son ‘Not’ into Taking Photos? We Can Help!

Senior Pictures

A lot of moms with sons come to me and lament, "My son is soooo not into taking photos, especially senior pictures!" These moms say they have to drag their sons to take pictures. For some reason, boys oftentimes REALLY don't like taking photos. As a mom with a son myself, I understand their frustration. My son Graham is the same way, and oftentimes when he smiles for the camera, he makes a constipated smile expression! Thankfully, as a photographer I know lots of tips to help boys feel more comfortable with...

Senior Pictures: Investigate your Photographer!

Senior Pictures

To capture the BEST senior pictures possible, it is crucial that you CLICK with your photographer! Because Kelly Weaver Photography is dedicated to her clients and producing successful sessions, we are lifting the veil to offer you the essential questions to ask and aspects to consider before you select any photographer, because you want to make sure he or she is a perfect fit for you.

What's Your Style?

Take a look at the types of senior pictures you absolutely LOVE. Are they studio shots, outdoor shots, glamour shots? Kelly's style is to...

Portrait Photography: Job Hunting? Update Your Headshot ASAP!

Portrait Photography

Attention job seekers, especially those who haven’t looked for a job in a while: You NEED a headshot ASAP! It's vital to have professional portrait photography if you want to improve your job hunt, especially because job searching has gone almost 100% online now, and most companies first check out your online presence -- specifically LinkedIn -- to get a feel for you before they reach out to you. I have a friend who was job hunting and a company scouted her out and messaged her on LinkedIn. The funny thing was...

Portrait Photography: Conquer Top Fears Revealed by Business Photos

Portrait Photography

Professional portrait photography for your business can make you or break you, especially because your headshot clearly tells your audience what's going on in your business. How we feel about ourselves or our businesses is easily projected into what we think are "candid" photos of ourselves!

Professional portrait photography can really easily capture our fears, even when we're smiling big for the camera. There's something about being in front of a camera that makes people hyper-self-conscious, and they unknowingly contort their faces ,and fears they may be experiencing in their business can oftentimes present themselves...

Senior Picture Ideas: When to Take Senior Photos? Now!

The new school year is just around the corner, so it's time to stop procrastinating and get your senior photos now! We offer a variety of senior picture ideas to fit many types of personalities. Kelly Weaver Photography strives to capture the unique personality of each and every student and client; that is, we don't do cookie-cutter senior sessions!

Depending on your budget, we offer a few options:

Senior Picture Ideas ~ On-Campus Sessions

On-campus sessions are the cheapest option (around $10-$20) because we volunteer our time for all students to get a great shot...

Professional Pictures Tip to Capture Attention: Add Movement!

Professional Pictures

Your Denver professional pictures don't have to be static... stuck on a posing stool staring at the camera (and let's not forget the boring gray backdrop)... The best way to create a dynamic headshot is to create MOVEMENT, and we can help! A good photographer will tell you HOW to build motion into your images and still look very natural. What you will notice is that headshots that have movement, have ENERGY to them. As a result, your target audience will LOOK at your image longer. Below is an author, and this is one of her chosen...

Senior Picture with and withOUT Braces – Littleton

Senior Picture

Are you a Littleton area Senior wanting a senior picture withOUT your braces? Well, we've got you covered. Check it out! After years of shooting film, it took me years to become convinced that going "to the dark side" (digital) was the way to go. Let's say, those thoughts are completely reversed, as digital technology just keeps getting better and better.... Case in point, we can now remove braces very naturally. Here is an example of a Littleton area high school senior (from Mountain Vista High School) with and withOUT braces. You will also...
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