Heritage High School Senior Picture Collage

Heritage High School

has been a BIG school for us this year for Senior pictures! We have to say that we LOVE the school colors.  Julie selected the Urban Littleton background for her '14 Senior pictures, and they turned out so well.... it's nice to mix a bit of "urban" in there! Heritage High School Senior Picture 1   Book here for Heritage High School Senior Pictures...

Littleton area high school students- bring your date to senior pictures!

Littleton area High School Senior pictures-bring your DATE!

Who says you can bring your girlfriend or boyfriend along with you for your senior pictures? Ben and Marissa from Arapahoe High School supported each other throughout the senior photography session and I could see the amazing relationship they have.

Arapahoe Senior Picture - Ben

Ben-Arapahoe 2014 Senior

Arapahoe Senior Picture - Marissa

Marissa-Arapahoe 2014 Senior










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Headshot campaign coming to Denver or Littleton!

Headshot Campaign.

Headshot Campaign.

Here is a sample headshot portrait of an author/editor from our recent San Francisco headshot campaign! Our goal is to do our next headshot campaign right here in our neck of the woods, in Littleton or Denver, so stay tuned. Our goal is to help small business owners attract the clients they want with a headshot that is warm, inviting, softly lit, and says “approachable!”.





Ali from Grandview

Ali from Grandview....way to go on clothing choices!

We LOVED everything Ali wore.... she took special attention to her wardrobe selection and it shows!

Emily’s session SNEAK PEEK

Emily just "fit" our urban location....and we're finding new "spots" every time we go out there!!

Loved her RED JACKET!

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